Dump Pipes

Radius Fabrications dump pipes are an essential bit of gear if you are trying to get more torque, horsepower or fuel economy out of your turbo diesel engine.

Our Nissan Patrol dump pipes are designed for a range of turbo types;  HT18, as well as TD05 sized turbos from P4x4 (3 Bolt), Arashi (3 Bolt) and UFI (4 Bolt). 

Dump pipes will help your turbo breathe faster, evacuating spent exhaust gases to allow it to spin freer and faster.

When ordering your Radius Fabrications dump pipe, you'll need to choose:

Turbo type (Standard HT18, P4x4 3-bolt or UFI 4-bolt or Arashi 3-bolt. 

What style of manifold you have (we only offer our dump pipes for Radius manifolds)

All Radius Fabrications Dump Pipes come fitted with a 1/8 Pyro Bung Fitting. 

If you don't own a Radius manifold, shop for them here - https://radiusfabrications.com.au/collections/manifolds

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