N80 Airbox (MY 2015-2020)

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Please choose wisely as Radius Fabrications do not refund on change of mind. At Radius Fabrications, we take pride in delivering high-quality products to our customers. Due to the nature of our business and the customization involved in our products, we have implemented a "No Change of Mind" refund policy.

This Toyota Hilux N80 (MY 2015-2020) airbox is a direct bolt-in from a standard box.

Whether you are crossing the Simpson in the dust or looking for a way to keep your engine water-free as you cross the snow-melt in the high country, your Radius Fab Hilux N80 airbox is a solid and secure aftermarket accessory for your Hilux.

Fits both Radius Fab snorkels as well as off-the-shelf Safari etc.

Each airbox is carefully CNC-designed and laser cut in-house.

We include a custom made MAF sensor fitting to ensure that you retain factory readings on your airflow sensor.