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LDV T60 Snorkel


The LDV T60 stainless steel snorkel has been designed to improve performance whilst maintaining a clean look that follows the body lines. 

The popularity of the T60 is growing and we've designed your new short-entry stainless snorkel to accommodate the toughest conditions you'll put your LDV through.

Help your engine breathe bulk amounts of clean dry air from above your roofline keeping water and dust clear of your intake, extending the life of your air filter.

Choose your finish from Polished or Powdercoated and either seamless or standard.

The snorkel kit includes everything you need to install the kit at home: 

  1. 4" LDV Stainless steel snorkel
  2. CAD designed template
  3. Silicone joiners
  4. Hose clamps
  5. Brackets

We recommend using an air hacksaw when cutting the guard.