GU Patrol (Series 4) Snorkel

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The Radius 4 inch GU Patrol Series 4 stainless steel snorkel has been designed to improve airflow performance and raise your air intake height whilst maintaining a clean look that follows the body lines. 

Match our range of GU stainless snorkels with a custom Radius Fabrications airbox (4 models available) and keep your engine breathing more clean and dry air no matter where your Patrol adventures take you.

Looking for a Series 1-3 GU (1997-2004) snorkel? Find them here

The snorkel kit includes everything you need to install the kit at home: 

  1. Template
  2. Silicone joiners
  3. Hose clamps
  4. Brackets

We recommend using an air hacksaw when cutting the guard.

Fitment: Standard airbox, Radius Fabrications airbox or aftermarket 3", 3.5" or 4" airbox.

The difference is the silicone hose that we ship to you.

*Note these snorkels were fabricated for the TD42/ZD30 and if you have a Tb48 there will be some modifications/piping done to make this work. Radius does not supply components to make this work.

Standard shipping unless specified will contain silicone for the standard airbox.

Replacement shipping for incorrect orders payable by the customer.

Our snorkels are not classed as 'seamless' as standard. Finished snorkels will show a visible but small tig weld join at each bend.