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Dodge Ram 1500 DS 5" Airbox


 The Dodge Ram 1500 airbox is suitable for the DS Classic model converted to right-hand drive.

The 1500 DS airbox is made from CNC cut aluminum and manufactured in our Brisbane, Australia facility.

    Each Ram 1500 modifier in Australia will layout your engine bay slightly differently and we recommend leaving us a comment in your order notes so that we know who modified and compliance your vehicle prior to us making your airbox. While we try to make our products a direct factory replacement, oftentimes the companies modifying USA vehicles for the Australian market will change the locations of engine-bay items between batches of vehicles arriving.

    Due to the nature of the Ram conversions in Australia, we do not keep stock of this airbox and will manufacture each airbox to order. This will mean a 3-4 week wait for production.

    We highly recommend purchasing this airbox with our matching Ram 1500 DS snorkel with both being professionally fitted due to the nature of the entry point into the guard of your truck.

    We highly recommend this airbox is fitted by our team in SE QLD or by a recommended professional in your state (contact us for a list of professionals).

    If you are ordering an airbox to be fitted by Radius Fab, please note that we make and fit the airboxes to order as not all conversions/installations are the same and we make the airbox, test fit it, and then powdercoat it. If you are also ordering a snorkel, we will wait until we get the airbox fitted to also fit your snorkel.