4" 150 Prado Landcruiser Snorkel SHORT ENTRY

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The Short Entry (enters your guard closer to the A-pillar) 150 Prado Landcruiser Snorkel is made from 4-inch, 304-grade stainless steel. 

This 150 Prado Landcruiser snorkel will suit both petrol and diesel engine models and it comes with:

  • 4" 150 Prado Landcruiser Stainless Steel Snorkel
  • CAD designed paper template for accurate fitment
  • Silicone joiners
  • Hose clamps
  • Brackets to mount on A-pillar

We recommend using an air hacksaw when cutting the guard.

We've designed this snorkel with looks in mind but the clear advantage of fitting one of these is increasing your engine's breathing while elevating your intake levels to above your cruiser's roofline.

From deep river crossings on the way to Cape York or just for the weekend trips to your favourite river crossing campsite, a Radius Fabrications snorkel is an investment for your toy.

Choose either polished stainless or powder-coated black.

The snorkel comes complete with a fitting kit and template for cutting the guard.  

Please Note: May need slight modifications made to earlier generation / model airbox to suit.

Our snorkels are not classed as 'seamless' as standard. Finished snorkels will show a visible but small tig weld join at each bend.