Production Guide

Why do we use "Production Runs"?

We currently produce our products in bulk production runs. 
This is the fastest way for us to setup for a run of any given product type (snorkels, airboxes etc) to prevent stopping and starting on items.

If the product you are looking at has a notification above the Add to Cart button along the lines of "PRODUCTION NOTIFICATION: WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL AT LEAST FRIDAY XX/XX/2022", this means that we do not currently have that item in stock and the next production run will be on that advertised date. 

Traditionally, our made-to-order style of production meant waits of up to eight weeks for our popular products. This newer style of production run is designed to give you, the customer, more transparency to your ordering process and for us, it will reduce our shipping times to between 4-5 weeks.
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